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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> grab a jacket if you're headed out the door, chilly start to 2016. katie is here with your new yeast for cast. it is not snowing or raining. >> you're right, you red my mind. amen to. that will looking at really really pleasant and quiet pattern, for the next seven days stretch but the big trade off, the fact that the temperatures are getting a lot more close to normal. soap, bit of gut check, reality check for us in the weather department here, moving forward in this forecast. like jen said, not tracking any storm potential any time soon here. storm scan3 remaining nice and quiet. see little hint evergreen showing up just outside of the dc baltimore area. don't worry about it, just ground clutter. it is going to hook us up with more and more sun. granted when we throw this satellite loop over top. not dealing with any low ceiling, that's concern for us so many days lately, and not at this point. the air is crisp. it is definitely cooler, and i
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can tell you just being out here, on the cbs-3 skydeck i feel the breeze and it is making it feel colder. >> skyscrapers, slightest breeze can feel like much stronger wind, between those buildings. but for now, we look at the last 24 hour temperature difference, you have shaved ten to 15 degrees off for what we were yesterday on the thermometer this very same time. so colder start to the day. as it reflect on the thermometer readings down to the 20's, below freezing here in to mount pocono. notice also the wind direction, and frankly the wind speed. not terribly strong, but it is enough that you notice it. because it is from the northwest. even it could be just lightest breeze, it is still will make it feel colder because it is coming from a cold place. so factor that in, chilly day, expect high of 44 at best, the average high on january 1st is only 41. so, yes, it is closer to
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average, but technically, guys, still above the norm. by handful of degrees. we'll change that moving forward in the forecast, discuss how cold it will get coming upment back to you. >> thank you, katie. checking on traffic now, all clear on the schuylkill expressway after state police cleared this accident from the eastbound lanes. white mini-van slammed into guardrail near the girard avenue exit. the girl news is, no one was injured. >> new year for us and new era for the mummers. this year offering more diversity. justin finch live in south philadelphia, where the quaker city string band is getting ready for the big day. good morning, justin. >> good morning, happy new year, lights are on, at the quaker city clubhouse, as they are across the city. band members waking up this morning, to a day they spent months prepping for. from set construction to costumes to choreography, mummers tell us their goal today is to have fun, and finish first. let's bring you now to a live
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look at the main area here, near city hall, where the parade jumps off at about 9:00 this morning. this is where some 40 bands plus will make their way through as they head down broad street here to washington avenue. let's take you now to the convention center nearby which was busy as a beehive. that's where hours of final touches were taking place for the parade. that will start at about 9:00 this morning. 2016 marking the 116th year of the mummers parade. and back again, are the fancies, the win chest, l could comics, string bands, fancy brigades, and introducing new, this year, the philadelphia defemation year, now, these are some more differs participants, including, the second to none drill team, miss fancy brigades. now, organizers expect some 10,000 participants from 40 plus bands, to stroll down broad. they go down this time, from sit hall to washington avenue. and don't forget those fancy
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brigade shows at noon and five. fancy brigade club president bill berg, jr., says this year will be a special one for his division. take a listen. >> it is ball family. right here we have 11 brigades, in here everybody helps everybody else. in you need some glitter, need some glue sticks, what have you. in particular this year jim joy he passed away last month, the president for 12 years it, hit us all hard. this year more than ever. as a family come together to support each other. very sad for us this year. >> taking a look now, some moment making their way into the clubhouse have, their string bands in tow headed inside for make up, costumes. >> this year is the weather, that will be on their side. no rain, no snow, no major cold and ban looking forward that as are participants, the whole thing gears up at 9:00. talking about near city hall, told up first are those new four divisions.
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nicole, jan, back over to you. >> looking forward to that, thanks, justin, it will be fun. ushering in the new year not one but two fireworks shows over the delaware river. family flocked to penn's landing for thousands, by the thousands, for the spectacular display like no other. 4-ton of fireworks to be exact. everyone ringing in the new year with resolutions and high hopes. >> the first time down here. and we brought the whole family, and our two home state kids are here somewhere. really fun night. >> and so cute. some people rang in the new year with party hats, and horns, others with 2016 glasses, very good year for penn's landing, for the first time they sold out at the ice rink, and on spectator ticket.
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>> in haddonfield camden county the town held it 16th first night celebration, festivities more than 40 performances, 18 venues in haddonfield, plenty of great music and food, lot of fun for the entire family. >> and switching gears right now, new this morning, two alarm fire sweeps through a home in burlington county. the call came in just before 12:30 this morning to home on plymouth drive in evesham township. no one was injured. but it took firefighters about an hour and a half to get this fire under control. no word yet on how it got started. over night, police officer injured, this happened just before 1:30 on buck road. the officer's cruiser was the only car involved in the crash. the officer was taken to the hospital analyst in the stable condition. >> philadelphia fire department is celebrating a record breaking year, in 2015, there were just 12 fire deaths in the city last year, lowest number never philadelphia
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history. they also the fewest number of fire injuries with 120 people hurt. >> new years celebrations around the world, went off with no significant problem. >> yes, the threat of terrorism of course did lead to tighter police presence than normal in many places. don champion joins us live from new york with a look ahead at the world-wide security, don, good morning. >> good morning, in places like germany and belgium, the threat of terrorism led to canceled events, and even warnings for people to avoid large gatherings. in many places police and security officials tried reassuring rattled revelers. >> germans ushered in 2016, under the close watch of security officials. in berlin, revelers were searched at a major outdoor event. in munich, a different story. people there were told to stay away from two of the city's train stations, because of a serious and iminent threat by
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isis suicide bombers. the warning came hours before the country rang in the new year. in brussels, the official party was canceled, after the arrest of two men, suspected of planning holiday attacks. some thought it was an over reaction. >> i think it is down to the threat of terrorism. i think we should stand up and just make everything happen. >> in paris, city that saw two attacks from isis in 2015 so many breaks cents scaled back, france's defense minister tried reassuring people by greeting some of the 11,000 soldiers on duty yesterday. >> here in us, police also on alert more than 6,000 nypd officers made sure the times square celebration went off without any problems. but, in rochester, up-state new york, the fireworks display was canceled after the fbi arrested this man, emanuel luckman, for plotting new years eve attack on a local bar, charging documents say he
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was an isis sympethizer. and now when it comes to that terror threat in germany, no arrest haves been made, but we do know extra police officers have been called in there to help track down some possible suspect. jan, nick snow. >> don, we understand some of the intelligence german officials were released yesterday? >> reporter: yes, that's right. german officials say they did consider the threat serious and credible, intelligence officials say apparently the threat came from one source, and involved between five and seven suicide bombers, hitting those two train stations at midnight, again, no arrest haves been made, but the two train stations have been reopened. >> very different world that we live in. >> right. >> don, thanks. fire fight remembers trying to determine what caused this inferno at highrise hotel and apartment in due by. the fire started two and a half hours before the beginning of the new year. one person died after heart attack trying to leave that building.
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fourteen others suffered minor injuries. dubai went ahead with its elaborate did i place, the world's tallest building, even when firefighters tried to contain the fire. >> fire continues to burn into the new year. daylight reveals the extent of that damage. dubai media office says the fire appears to have started on the 20th floor. eyewitnesses however believe it started on the first floor. dubai has been challenged by series of tower fires, the fire raises new questions about building safety in the united arab emirates. >> bill cosby's lawyers are on the offensive after he's charged with sexual assault. in a interview on cnn, monique presley questioned whether the case would make it to trial. >> scramming wd attacking an employee, and he has said the encounter was concentual.
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he has kept in touch with fans in twitter in brief tweet he says friends and fans thank you. cosby's wife camille just suffered a legal setback, too, a massachusetts judge denied a request to get out after deposition there. that means, she'll have to testify in a defemation suit against her husband. several women, seven in fact, are suing bill cosby saying he defamed them after they accused him of sexual assault. camille cosby's deposition is scheduled for next week. >> 5:11 right now, part of the midwest are under water this morning, after historic flooding. in some places the water is still rising, we'll show you more of the damage as the mississippi river spills over its banks. >> also, talk about dramatic escape. that will woman runs for help after getting a became from a carjacker. now, we're hearing her harrowing experience. plus: >> this is the worth ever. >> no snow means no business for the ski resort in the poconos. they are taking a beating this winter. when they hope to finally start making some snow.
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a crime that has a lot of people upset in our area. philadelphia police looking for the man who robbed and shot 75 year old woman in talcony. investigators say the woman was walking home from a shop rite when the gunman shot her in the face. police say he also took the woman's cell phone and $400. but, not without a fight. neighbors tell us the victims tough. >> she works with five to ten
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year old all day long. >> she deals with more. >> prep much you don't need to shoot an old woman. i know she fought them off. not a bullet worthy, you know? >> amazingly the woman's injuries are not life threatening. police are searching for a man in his late 20's, who sped away in a silver car. >> and dramatic surveillance video here from a gas station in frack ville schuylkill county pennsylvania. shows terrified woman making a run for it after being carjacked and kidnapped. police say the suspect stole the woman's car in east strads berg, and he told hershey was his hostage, and an hour later when they stopped for gas she fled. >> jumped from the car at the gas pump. tried to run around everywhere, just screaming outside. >> now, the suspect circled the gas station, looking for the woman. then he finally took off and crashed, near carlisle, where police took him into custody, the woman was not seriously injured. >> a metal of honor recipient charged in a hit-and-run.
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back in 2014, president obama awarded the metal to kyle carpenter. the marine had lost an eye after jumping on grenade to save a fellow soldier in afghanistan. on december 8 police in columbia south carolina say he hit a pedestrian, pull over briefly, then drove away. the victim is expected to fully recover. >> the water is slowly starting recede in some communities, soaked by flooding in missouri. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by the historic flooding of the mississippi river as jennifer gray reports, more cities are on alert as water flows downstream. >> this is unbelievable. this is like totally, totally crazy, i've never in my entire life seen anything like this before. >> for missouri residents it will be anything but a joyful new year. the national weather service says record flood willing serve as the new benchmark for the merry mack river basin. >> we have taken on more water than in the history ever that i have known in our city. it is in places we've never
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had it before. >> flooding has submerged neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers in the st. louis area including part of interstate 70, 44, and 55. >> we are keeping back a couple of feet of water from actually getting on i55. unfortunately, hasn't been fully fruitful. we do have some water anywhere 6 inches to almost foot in couple of deep spot. >> even some homes have been swept away by the shear force of the flood waters. and watt verse breached second waste water treatment plant, sending untreated waist into the merry mack waters. governor has state of emergency and activated the national guard at thousands are being evacuated. >> like a ghosttown now. pretty scary. i mean, scary thing. all of the watt has taken the town over. >> even as sunny weather moves in officials continue to plead with resident to be safe and heed their warnings. >> we can say anything over and over and over, don't drive
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into water, of the tallies we've had, everyone except one has been somebody drove into water. >> yep, i know. that will was jennifer gray reporting at least 14 people have died from flooding in missouri and unfortunately this thing isn't over yet. >> really isn't. because now we've got to get these watt tears crest. and that takes some time. st. louis at least is cresting today. but there are flood warnings just lying the contributaries of this river, and all of the smaller contributaries off the mississippi here. go out to storm scan, do you have tell, because they are green warnings with the green map, but looking at all of the different warnings, that line all of these contributaries. so this is just one example of the dozens actually over 100 different warnings that are out there for the mississippi and all of the different again contributaries that line t small ones will see the crest take place sooner rather than later in st. louis, hundreds every thousands every people that get impacted by. >> this and it will take probably couple of weeks until some of the ones further
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south, we need this river to flow south, toward the gulf of mexico. weeks before we really see them crest. so going to be a while, even down through memphis, where you eventually start to see those waters come to their peak in terms of height. >> as far as the weather pattern, at least it is much, much quiet nerve that area for awhile. back here at home, it is also much, much quieter. certainly have not been dealing with those kinds of threats here, but we have actually been very atypical of the pattern, more than anything, because it has been so warm. also had couple of systems come through. but that's going by the wayside. sort of flipping the weather pattern on it head. at this point you're at 41 degrees at philadelphia international airport. thirty-eight in trenton. generally in the 30's pretty much everywhere else, little colder up in the mountain us terrain. as we move forward in the forecast, actually going see some colder air even settle in. taking it a little further inland here, there is a sign of things to come. high pressure, nice large dome pressure of it starts to settle in. what it will allow for is temperatures to take a hit. see it reflected in the seven day forecast, but as far as
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what we can expect here for now, mostly sunny skies, actually seasonable for a change. few degrees above the averagement normal high 41. a lot closer to where it should, we drop down to clear, calm, cold, 31 degrees low. taking a look what comes beyond this point, take a look at monday, specially tuesday, another front reinforce the chill. we will likely guys not break out of the 30's. back over to you. >> all right, winter is here. >> yep. finally. the ball in times square isn't the only thing that dropped at midnight to mark the new year. >> we'll take a look at some of the unique ways people rang in 2016. >> getting fit in the new year, goal for a loft people. we'll show you how one school is helping kids make physical fitness a life-long goal. we'll be right back.
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♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> a look at new years celebrations around the world and across the country on the very first day of 2016. this is london, where the
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fireworks greeted the new year in view of the london ferris wheel. >> just gorgeous. of course they drop a ball at times square, but in indianapolis, they lower a race car, pretty cool. it was giant block party in the center of indy with fireworks and all of the celebrations there. this by the way is the second year of the city has celebrated by dropping a race car. >> and in memphis, tennessee, on the other hand, they had little problem with their celebration, their guitar, stalled at midnight. >> oh, no. >> i know, too bad. guitar was lowered about 30 seconds after the new year, but real how cares? right? they didn't give anybody the blues, they part erred anyway. >> they didn't have the blues. eventually they dropped that guitar. nice to see. in the first hours of 2016, pope francis celebrated mass in saint peters basilica at the vatican. encouraged everyone to recall the good deeds of the last year so the gestures of goodness can continue to triumph over evil. also said remember the victims of flood, and other severe
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weather. >> many making rest louse to lose weight and get in shape. why not? program in los angeles is helping students make physical fitness a life-long goal. >> these are just warm up. >> at this los angeles high school, physical education class has a whole new look. >> you can do it. >> the innovative program called sound body sound mind serves under-privileged schools with fitness equipment along with lesson plans, designed to boost confidence and make fitness fun. >> what it is towelly doing, set them up to be active for their whole life, for their whole lives. >> that badly need in the los angeles, where more than 40% of young people under 18 are either obese or overweight. >> every kid should be able to enjoy physical activity and exercising. >> ucla professor says the program's biggest impact is seen on how well student perform on california's standardized physical fitness
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tests. among those who took part in sound body, sound mind, the percentage of student who passed the test tripled. >> she said she feels the benefit both in and out of school. >> it keeps me healthy, and so the fact that i'm healthy, it helps like my brain just work better. >> the program is in nearly 100 middle and high schools in los angeles, and could be expanded to even more. chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i think it is a pretty good idea. >> like a real jim. >> nice gym. >> taking a fitness class with your friends, that always helps. >> get them started in the right direction. that's for sure. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", same names, wrong guy. >> you'll hear from the other chip kelly, who has been hearing whole lot from eagles fans this week. >> yes, also, it is a philadelphia new years tradition. we are live with the mummers as they get ready to strut down broad street. plus this: >> it new york city hosed the biggest party in the world to ring in 2016.
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i'm weijia jiang in times square with a look at the celebration coming up. >> well, weijia had to break out her heavier winter coat up in new york, and we're going have to do the same back here in philadelphia, too. it is a very tranquil beginning to the new year. but it is also a colder start. we will talk temperatures on the other side. stick around.
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j ladies, almost time to start strutting. mummers are getting ready for today's big parade. live in one of the clubhouses with all of the preparations, you know, you will get your strut on at some point, it will be a party on broad street this morning, can't wait. >> and we will check in with justin finch live at one of the houses, for preview of today's parades. so we need that heavy jacket when headed out there. it is cool, but at least quiet start start to the new year. >> absolutely; guys, thankfully looking at quite it err weather here today and beyond. this will end up being completely tranquil for cause. live look out here it, looks like all of the parade route, no one out there just yet. but, the chill is starting to settle on in. oh, there is one loan man. two loan men. there you are. right on cue.


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